Review: The Warschau ‘Join Conference’

6 March 2017: It’s the second edition of the “Central Europe premium SQL Server conference” in downtown Warschau.  Located in the “Palace of Culture and Science” – affectionately known as a ‘Stalin Cake’, the conference has one of the best places to host a conference:

“Palace of Culture and Science” – as seen from my AirBnB room

With a touch of grandeur the familiar faces ( such as Kalen Delaney, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Uwe Ricken, Grant Fritchey and others ) were showing their gigs. Well organised, good food and a great venue made it a good experience. The only drawback of these sessions was that there wasn’t any session material posted on the website, nor any recordings. This is a pity, as demo’s are much fun to replay at home and to investigate them a bit deeper. I’m afraid I would prefer SQLSaturdays because of this omission.

Website at


Xevents part 1: Analysing the System Health Session

Many DBA’s still rely on Profiler, despite the fact that Profile can track 200 events while Extended Events can have almost 900. The deprecated Profiler is not developed anymore and cannot cope with the new kids on the block, such as Availability Groups and Azure.

Time to show the power of Extended Events. In this first video, we’ll see how to group and filter events, check out the deadlock graphs, check for waitsstats during stressmoment. All from the default Extended Events trace, the System Health Session.

No configuration or programming yet – just the tour of functionalities.

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